Hikkaduwa – Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary, established in 1988, ensures the underwater world is accessible to all whether they can dive or not. Snorkelling in the shallow waters only 200m off shore is possible. The less adventurous can always take a glass-bottomed boat ride, though this is environmentally questionable due to the pollution and negative effects on the already depleted corals

Hikkaduwa beach in Sri Lanka is one such bay which you cannot miss out. Hikkaduwa located about 16 km from Galle, is one of the most popular beach resorts of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s only marine sanctuary is located here. Hikkaduwa is the place for underwater delights where there is a marine sanctuary abundant with rare corals and tropical fish. The underwater world of colourful corals and beautiful shoals of fish can be explored either by snorkeling or taking a ride in a glass bottom boat. It is an ideal place for nature lovers with its abundant corals and tropical fishes.

Hikkaduwa offers multifarious options for everyone. It has something to offer to everyone-coral for snorkellers, waves for surfers and white pristine beaches for those who want to relax and enjoy Sun and sand.

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