Horton Plains

The Plains are a beautiful, silent, strange world with some excellent walks.

The grassy plains still host many other wild lives. Species found here include Leopard, Sambar and the endemic Purple-faced Langur. Endemic highland birds include Dull-blue Flycatcher, Sri Lanka White-eye, and Yellow-eared Bulbul.

Flora and Fauna – Trees & shrubs; up to now 744 species of flowering plants has been identified in the area out of which 112 species are endemic.460 species of birds are recorded to be found in Sri Lanka, out of which 33 species are endemic – out of this number more than 100 species are confined to Horton Plains.

World’s end

The most stunning place in the national park is World’s End, where the southern Horton Plains suddenly ends, and drops off to nearly 1050 meters, an awesome sight indeed. Early morning visits are essential, both to see the wildlife and to view World’s End before mists close in during the later part of the morning.

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