Madu River Boat Safari

The bio-diversity of the Madu River is of monumental signification when considering the wide ranges of aquatic and avian life as well as wetland dwelling amphibians, reptiles, mammals that inhabit the environs of this natural treasure. A total of 11 species of agnatic mollusks and 14 land dwelling mollusks are found in this system. 70 species of fish, 31 types of reptiles, and 50 kinds of butterflies are just some of colorful array of wildlife that inhabits this abundantly bustling eco-system. Bird watchers will be pleased to know that 111 species of bird have been identified in the mangrove formed environs of the river, and has been known to host several types of migratory birds.

Apart from the bountifully wondrous ecological treasures to be sighted, the river safari will also appeal on a level of historical and cultural experiences with visit to the numerous islets and atolls that are scattered along with the river. Around 25 such landmasses reported found in madu river with some of these islets are home to local communities who have traditionally inhabited the lands as it populaces’ of witch some are engaged in the lucrative vocation of cinnamon peeling. The islet known as ‘Koth duwa’ is home to an ancient Buddhist temple that dates back to the days of Sinhala kings of Heladiva. The islet known as ‘Maduwa’ and ‘Katuduwa’ has been places of refuge of king Dhathusena and king Mugalan respectively.

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