Special events of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with full of special events throughout the year offers visitors vibrant events to indulge in.It’s full of promise and surprise has much to offer travellers. They will ensure that travellers will enjoy their

Nuwara Eliya Festival

Nuwara Eliya is an incredibly picturesque destination in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. With a location around 2,000m above sea level, Nuwara Eliya enjoys a cool and damp climate that has afforded it the nickname ‘Little England’. Surrounded by tea plantations, the city is at the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea producing industry and a popular tourist destination with both domestic and overseas visitors Nuwara Eliya town became the leisure centre of the European ruling class and even today the town retains its unique identity .Horse Races at Nuwara Eliya: the city’s racecourse is the setting for a variety of horseracing events during the month of April. In previous years, the list of race meetings has included the Governor’s Cup, Labookelle Cup, Upali Wijewardene Kandos Cup, Nescafe Cup, Sporting Times Trophy, Sumathi Cup and Sunquick Cup.Motor Racing: the Mahagastotte and Radella Hill Climbs, Nuwara Eliya Road Race and the 4X4 Lake Cross on the edge of Lake Gregory are all held during April. Expect large turn-outs in terms of spectator support.Nuwara Eliya is well geared to receiving visitors, with a good selection of facilities and services aimed at visitors from both domestic and overseas destinations.


Kelani Perahera- January

Situated 10 km from Colombo, besides the Kelani River, stands the ancient Kelani Raja Maha Viharaya with a history that dates back nearly 2,563. According to the Mahavamsa, Lord Buddha visited at this ancient temple during a visit to Sri Lanka in 523 BC where he was invited to preach at the invitation of the king.
Each year, on the full moon day of January, the Duruthu Perahera is held displaying the ancient traditions, cultural heritage, traditional folklore, folk music and the rhythmic dance forms and drum beats, which have developed throughout the ages around Buddhism and Buddhist practices in the island.

Colombo Fashion Week-February

The second Colombo Fashion Week brings together several local and international fashion designers and retailers with the aim of developing a south Asian fashion hub. Several activities including fashion shows, workshops and presentations were held over three days in February to encourage interaction and links between fashion designers and retailers. Colombo Fashion Week 2011 will be held from 4 -6 February.

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Navam Perahera-March

Most colorful event in Colombo happen in the night of full-moon day with the annual `Navam Perehara’ scrolling through the heart of the city. Organised by the Gangaramaya Temple situated by lake Bare ,this colorful procession displays traditional folklore, music and the rhythmic dance forms. Dancers, drummers, flag bearers, Chieftains in traditional attire and scores of elephants dressed in glittering cloaks are all a part of this colorful pageant in honour of Lord Buddha. Over a hundred elephants make their way with their mahouts from across the country to participate in this glittering pageant – a wonderful sight to see on the busy streets of Colombo.
Thousands of visitors gather by road sides see this colorful event. Foreign visitors are provided with seating facilities for better viewing.

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April season in Nuwara Eliya-April

During the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year, celebrations in April herald the “season” for Nuwara Eliya, another tradition that stretches back to the British colonial period. Colombo’s resident flock to the hills for the holidays to escape the pre-monsoon heat. The 10-day holiday period includes horse races, motocross rallies, flower exhibitions, concerts and revelry late into the night. Several golf tournaments including the Stable Ford Competition for Ladies and Gents are held at the challenging Nuwara Eliya Golf Club during April. Motor Races include the Mahagastota and Radella Hill Climbs.