Vehicle hires with English speaking chauffeur

Hire Car in Sri Lanka and take a well enjoyable journey which you will remember in your life. We provide service of car hire with English speaking driver for more than 5 days. You can travel through the country side, and all other interested places at your own pace & time. Spend any number of days in your favourite destination. It is simple you decide when and where you would like to be and plan out your tour on a daily basis.

For this we propose the hire of an air conditioned car with a chauffeur for a maximum of three clients & the hire van with air-condition for a maximum of six clients. With one of our reliable experienced chauffeurs to assist you & drive you around our Country.

The hotels or guesthouses can be selected on as per your choice. If you need any assistance to select the places for accommodation it is our pleasure to do so. If a larger vehicle is required for more number of people please send us an email with the details we shall get back to you promptly.

You can decide for how many days the vehicle will be required. Below are the Rates as per the number of days & the kilo meters included as follows.

Feel the warmth of this tropical isle, relax and enjoy your holiday travelling independently at a more leisurely pace with our drivers, who will share their insights on local life, customs and culture.

All rates are in US Dollars

Duration Car Rate Van Rate
05 Days with a limit of 500 kilo meters $ 330 $ 395
06 Days with a limit of 600 kilo meters $ 370 $ 440
07 Days with a limit of 700 kilo meters $ 420 $ 480
08 Days with a limit of 800 kilo meters $ 460 $ 530
09 Days with a limit of 900 kilo meters $ 500 $ 670
 10 Days with a limit of 1000 kilo meters $ 540 $ 730
11 Days with a limit of 1100 kilo meters $ 580 $ 770
12 Days with a limit of 1200 kilo meters $ 630 $ 820

Luxury bus hire 15 seaters and more – from Us$ 110 per day with the service of a driver and the assistant.Above rates for Car – Miximum 3 Passangers+Baggage/ Van – Maximum 5 passangers+Baggage.

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Vehicle Hire Conditions

  • Air-conditioned Vehicles with English speaking chauffeurs.Please note that the chauffeurs are not professional guides
  • The hire charges includes the fuel for the vehicle & Local insurance .
  • Meals of the Chauffeur will be take cared by himself. It is better to stay at Tourist board approved hotels or Guest Houses for your safety & comfort where there are some guarantees. Most of the places provide drivers / chauffeurs accommodation , and have this system in operation except in very small guest houses & very expensive Boutique hotels where they do not provide chauffeur accommodation .
  • The mileage will be calculated from Colombo to Colombo . You have the choice of getting yourself dropped at any selected location on the last day & the chauffeur will continue to Colombo. The mileage will be calculated accordingly considering the last point as Colombo.
  • The meter will be shown to the client’s daily morning and evening & the meter reading will have to be initialled by the clients in the log sheet daily. This will avoid any confusion regarding the kilo meters done during your trip.
  • If there are any extra kilo meters they will be charged at the rate of US$ 00.58 cents per Kilo meter for Cars. US$ 00.72 cents per kilo meter for vans. Payments for extra kilometers to be made directly to the Chauffeur.(For example it will cost extra for 100 Km for cars – US$ 58 & 100 Km for vans – US$ 72).
  • To visit reserves.National parks jeeps will have to be hired & charges to be paid directly.(Including to Horton Plains entrance from town as this road is not in a very good state for normal vehicles).
  • The driving hours will be between 08.00 to 19.00 hours. You can discuss with the chauffeur & adjust the timings accordingly if the vehicle is needed after 19.00 hours.Considering enough rest will have to be provided for the chauffeur if the next day trip is in the morning. Arrival & departure days’ vehicles can be utilised according to the flight hours at any time.
  • In the event of a break down which is very rare the chauffeur will make arrangements for your tour to be continued without any loss of time & a replacement vehicle will be provided as fast as possible maximum within 24 hours if needed.
  • The client has to make sure the hotels/guest houses  they sleep has facility for drivers accommodation.If not the client has to pay the driver a fee of Rs. 1500 (approximately  US$ 10) per night.
  • We can arrange for your pick up at the airport if the flight details are provided to us in advance. Your name, which will be clearly marked in a paging board by our representative who will be at the arrival lobby . Air port cost for the driver ( parking , paging board hire , airport entrance fee ) should be borne by the client. It is US$ 15. If not you could start your Tour from any selected location.
  • Payments- Clients need to pay 50% advance payment on confirmation of the booking .The balance payment can be done on arrival at the airport.( Currencies  accepted at the airport- US$,AUS$,NZ$,GB pounds and Euro) Please note till the advance payment is done ,we are not in a position to allocate a vehicle .
  • All the toll charges to be borne by the client.Toll charges if expressway is Rs.400 for up to 9 seaters and Rs.700 vehicles with more than 9 seats for the full length of the expressway (Kottawa-Galle)
  • As per the Sri Lanka Tourism Authority regulation, any locals are not allow to travel with foreigners unless he / she hold a Sri Lanka guide licence. Vehicles who transport foreigners are regularly checked by police to check,  is the driver eligible to carry foreigners.

 Pay On The Go
On this service clients have a option to pay only for the kilo mitres  drive.It is only US$ 0.65 for a car and US$ 0.78 for a van.This price includes 2% Nation building Tax and 12% VAT tax.
Also includes late model air conditioned car / van ,fuel, and food.But the client has to make sure the hotels/guest houses  they sleep has facility for drivers accommodation.If not the client has to pay the driver a fee of Rs. 1500 (approximately  US$ 10).The balance of the cost of the accommodation and food will be borne by the company  .
If clients  use toll roads fee needed to be paid  at the toll road entrance or exit.It is up to about $3 for car and $5 for van.

For any inquiries just send an email [email protected] for no obligation information